The Partnership

Do You Have a Strong Business Partner?

If you are a real estate investor, you may already have a real estate agent. Perhaps a very good agent, but do you have a team of consultants with over 25 years real estate investment experience that can help you maximize your profitability through a proven model of buying right and selling high?

Sure, there are a lot of agents that claim to be experts.  Our declaration is experience and a proven successful model.  Our promise is partnership and delivering opportunities that we would engage in.

Sharkey Real Estate Works for You

A real estate professional, especially one who knows the local market well, can help you find the ideal property.  Where we differ is our scope of visibility.  We can provide investors with opportunities that elude most real estate agents.  Our proprietary formula on determining ROI has helped create tremendous wealth.

What we offer:

  • Real Estate investment services
  • Property renovation consultant
  • Low Flat Fee listing services
  • Foreclosure auction representative
  • Investment consultant

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